With views only towards the South and West, the design had to accommodate passive solar requirements as well as to attend to the view. The decision fell for a 3 bedroom, split level house to follow the natural contour of the land. The lower level contains 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, the main level the open plan kitchen, living and dining area, and the upper floor the main bedroom.

Passive and passive solar design:
The house is designed to allow the winter sun to penetrate deeply, but to shield the hot summer sun. Blinds and cross ventilation provide a cool interior from the summer environment. Kitchen, dining and living rooms are North facing and catch the sun from early morning to sunset. The main bedroom is positioned towards the West for warmth in winter. Bedroom 2 receives the morning sun, while bedroom 3 the evening sun. The hot water cylinder has a solar circuit incorporated to allow for active solar gain by solar panels.

Feng Shui:
Principles of Feng Shui have been incorporated into the house design.

Geopathic Stress and Electrobiology:
The site was investigated prior to the design stage to avoid placing relaxing & sleeping areas in geopathic stress areas on the site. A stress harmonizer was installed in the house to improve the electro-climate. Electrical Installations as power cables, outlets and appliances were positioned to have a sufficient distance from resting areas. After the electric installation a final inspection confirmed that a perfect electro climate had been achieved.

Natural and durable materials and finishes were used where possible, including beams, sarking & framing (mostly Macrocarpa), wool insulation, gypsum board etc.