The clients had purchased a house lot of earth bricks and wanted to use them for a circular house on their steep property.

A split level design was chosen to connect the building to the site. The house sits tall on the site, intentionally emphasizing the tower form. In combination with roof terraces and pergolas a contemporary look was achieved.

The floor plan is divided into segments of the circular form, each segment representing separate functions.

Level 2 acts as the main entrance and provides circulation to the ‘use spaces’ of level 3’s bedrooms and level 1’s living, dining and kitchen areas.

Level 2 also accommodates the laundry area. Construction & Materials: Concrete strip foundation, suspended timber floors, earth bricks, all exposed timber in Macrocarpa, GIB board, colour steel roofing.

  • Project Type: New House
  • Size: 120 m2
  • Construction: Earthbrick
  • Design Period: 2000