Re-mediation & Re-design of existing Building

The existing four bedroom house on 3 levels with a geodesic dome structure on the topmost level had serious weathertight issues, which had caused damage to the building envelope and the primary structure.

As the dome would have been very costly and structurally difficult to re-mediate, it was decided to rebuild the main and uppermost floor based on the irregular floor plan of the geodesic dome structure.

The internal walls and staircase were retained and the external walls and roof re-built to a new design, which – while unique – endeavoured to retain the feel of the original house, while providing structurally sound and weather-tight detailing.

The entrance area at ground level featuring the curved staircase leads to a studio, a bedroom with en-suite and the garage.

The second floor with an open plan Living-Kitchen-dining area opens out to an almost 360 degree panoramic view over the island and to a spacious deck extending to a lawn with olive trees.

Another bedroom with en-suite and laundry is on the same level.

The spacious upper floor with the feature of the curved staircase is reserved to the main bedroom, walk-in wardrobe and an en-suite.