This very small and narrow site provided some challenges with one boundary of this property abutting the Mean High Water Line and a hillside to the West shielding it from the evening sun.

The building comprises several cubes, accommodating the open plan living- dining-kitchen area, an office and the different bedrooms and bathrooms.

These are arranged around a central wedge form, with the sides parallel to two boundaries, thus aligning the different rooms to the boundaries to maximise the limited outdoor space.

A glass roof facing the North follows this central form, allowing light to enter into the living area which is located on the ocean view (southern) side.

The bedrooms are oriented to the North, enjoying the sun and privacy. Extensive decks provide transition between private indoor area and semi-private outdoor areas.

Formal landscape design continues the design into the outdoor areas.

  • Project Type: New House
  • Size: 178 m2
  • Construction: -
  • Design Period: 1998