Architectural Services

We can offer a complete service of design, resource and building consent documentation, tendering, contract administration and site observation.

Partial services are available as required. The architectural fees can be based on an hourly rate, fixed fee or a % value of the building costs.

We offer a one hour free consultation for new clients. Contact us to make an appointment.


Eco & Sustainable Builds

We are excited to work with you on your project and to incorporate sustainable building principles wherever possible.

Passive Solar principles, choice of environmentally sound building materials and efficient energy systems can be incorporated, to future proof your home.

Principles of ‘Passive House Design’ or the ‘Living Building Challenge’ can considered to enrich the design, or pursued in their entirety, if the budget allows.

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Building Condition Surveys & Reports

With growing awareness of continuing building failures & costly repair work, condition surveys & reports have become a cost effective service for protecting property investments.

Surveys will identify such items as non-complying work, defective design and workmanship. We can also provide Maintenance Schedules to improve the longevity of the building.

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3D Modelling & How We Work

Visualize your new home during the design process to arrive at the solution that best suits your needs. Quick 3D impressions (see below) to visualize your new home during our Design Meetings or commission full realistic renderings.  See some examples here.



Team Approach

Our work is centred on a team approach to all projects, with a commitment to exceeding client expectations on design, service, delivery and quality. While we provide technical and design expertise, the clients are continuously involved in the journey that is the design process, to ensure a design that satisfies their individual needs.

We support a fully integrated approach to architecture and landscaping, welcoming the collaborative involvement of other consultants and design disciplines to produce the best possible result for the client.

Our Quality Approach

The Project Within A Framework

The natural environmental conditions, architectural history and cultural elements are of significance in the design process.

Environmentally Friendly

To minimize energy consumption, active and passive solar principles are incorporated wherever possible. Non or low-toxic materials are selected to reduce pollution. Minimizing waste and water usage help to reduce the impact on the natural environment.

A Healthy Indoor Living Environment

We endeavour to design healthy, aesthetically pleasing and spiritually enhancing habitable spaces; creating warmer, drier and well ventilated homes built with non- or low-toxic materials. The client’s lifestyle is considered and the building will serve contemporary needs and will be future-proofed.

We offer a one hour free consultation for new clients. Contact us to make an appointment.